Deep roots for collective impact: A note from our Executive Director

Picture of Ronda Rutledge

Ronda Rutledge

Executive Director

The cover illustration of Ecotrust’s 2023 annual report. Heldáy de la Cruz

We are pleased to share our 2023 annual report with you.

Hello friends,

One of Ecotrust’s guiding principles is to drive radical, practical change. According to Merriam-Webster, “Radical comes from a Latin word meaning ‘root,’ and in its earliest uses it referred to roots of various kinds.” Ecotrust’s roots in the region date back more than 33 years, leading to this moment of growth, transformation, and collective impact. In our 2023 annual report, we highlight our progress toward strategic goals in lands and waters stewardship, community climate resilience, and intergenerational wealth building. It’s my pleasure to share this year-in-review with you, our partners and supporters, and reflect on what we’ve accomplished together.

Grounded in community and with recognition that we are part of a larger ecosystem, we’re focused on people and place, building relationships inside and outside the organization. Across the bioregion, our work is strengthened by our relationships and partnerships with frontline communities. And it’s the inherent leadership of communities experiencing the deepest impacts of economic and social inequity, and closest to the disruptive effects of climate change, that guides our work. I’m excited about the partnerships we’ve developed, as well as those we seek to grow.

As I mark my first year as Ecotrust’s Executive Director, and as the first Indigenous woman to hold the position, I am thrilled to be part of this dynamic and important organization and to play a part in guiding Ecotrust through and into the next phase of radical, practical change. Thank you for being with us on this journey, rooted in the wisdom of our ancestors and focused on the creation of a vibrant, livable future through environmental stewardship and economic well-being for all.


In gratitude,

Ronda Rutledge

Ecotrust Executive Director



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Deep roots for collective impact

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