Remembering Susan Hammer

Jeremy Barnicle

Jeremy Barnicle

Executive Director

A photo of Susan Hammer

A beloved board member and regional champion for a more equitable, prosperous, and climate-smart future, Susan Hammer passed on August 26.

Today, we in the Ecotrust family join many others in mourning the loss of Susan Hammer, our treasured friend and former board member. Susan was well-known and well-regarded in Oregon for her wisdom, wit, honesty, generosity, and commitment to social and environmental causes. She served on many boards over decades, and as an attorney and mediator she brought deep expertise and an enormous heart to complex organizational issues.

I was lucky enough to meet Susan early on in my time as Executive Director of Ecotrust, and have been so grateful to have her as a supporter and trusted advisor. We will miss her very much, and we will honor her legacy by continuing to fight for the equitable, prosperous, and climate-smart future she envisioned and pursued with determination.


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