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Man in black hat and coat wheels dolly full of boxes into a freezer

Savoring every season at the Redd

PROGRAM UPDATE | As the seasons change, the community at the Redd continues to strengthen their connections to one another and build their businesses

Lake, far shore, and rocky mountain with snow patches and an ombre sky. Mountain and sky also reflected in the still lake water

Welcome Doe Hatfield

STAFF VOICES | We sit down for a quick Q&A with our new Communications Director, Doe Hatfield

Impact through community

PARTNER VOICES | Ecotrust’s Events team is proud to announce our 2018 Community Grant Awardees

Wooden granary bunched with several small buildings, surrounded by high desert grasses with mountains in the distance

An unexpected dialogue

STAFF VOICES | Amanda Oborne, our VP of Food & Farms, shares lessons she learned on sharing power and privilege while attending a convening of leaders working to create a more equitable and resilient food system

Sparks fly from our ground floor

PROGRAM UPDATE | We welcome coffee shop La Perlita to the Natural Capital Center, and prepare to open our newest event space

Flat salt water bay with view flanked by buildings on stilts over the water at image's left and right. Ahead a small island full of evergreens and low rounded mountains blue with white snowcaps. Varied grey sky

Soul food in southeast Alaska

STAFF VOICES | “When I hear the words ‘Soul Food,’ I don’t think Louisiana, I think Alaska,” Miakah Nix says.

Replicability takes the stage at Slow Fish San Francisco

PROGRAM UPDATE | Our head of Fisheries reports back on what she learned this year at Slow Fish San Francisco, a briny conference that brings together fish advocates from across the country to shuck, slurp, converse, and celebrate

Better data, stronger impact

PROGRAM UPDATE | Ecotrust’s new metrics platform spawns tighter focus in farm to institution programming

Large white bird, wings outstretched dipping towards a steely blue ocean. Bird pictured from behind

Fresh views from Sitka Sedge

ECOTRUST UPDATE | In 2014, Ecotrust assisted in securing permanent conservation for one of Oregon’s last intact coastal estuaries. Now, our newest state park.

From land and sea to chef and table

PARTNER VOICES |Nate Rispler of Wilder Land & Sea reflects on his experience at the Redd and how he helped launch Portland’s signature meat and seafood distribution company.

Better than best: Betsy’s Bar None

PARTNER VOICES | Redd tenant Betsy Langton shares her experiences as a first-time businesswoman and the inspiration that launched her product.

Close-up on hands holding freshly pulled turnips covered in dirt

An organic reformation?

STAFF VOICES | Our head of Food and Farms reports on what she learned this year at EcoFarm, the Ecological Farming Association conference that has flowered annually in California since 1981.

aerial view of a forested town with waterways, green, lush

Change starts here

ECOTRUST UPDATE | In a time of social unrest, environmental upheaval, and economic uncertainty, our mission matters more now than ever.

Older white woman with white hair shears a black and white goat with long shaggy hair.

New connections in our fibershed

STAFF VOICES | There is a growing interest in a regionally-based, responsible fiber economy. And the challenges of scale mirror those in food.

A crowd of people mill around a warehouse decorated with party lights

An illuminating affair

PHOTO ESSAY | Light Up the Redd will go down as a highlight in our journey toward a healthy and equitable food future.

Four frozen salmon carcasses on ice

Taking a fresh look at frozen fish

ECOTRUST UPDATE | Ecotrust joined the OSU Food Innovation Center and Seafood Analytics to test consumer preference and quality of fresh v. frozen fish.