Stories of Home

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A crowd of people mill around a warehouse decorated with party lights

An illuminating affair

PHOTO ESSAY | Light Up the Redd will go down as a highlight in our journey toward a healthy and equitable food future.

Four frozen salmon carcasses on ice

Taking a fresh look at frozen fish

ECOTRUST UPDATE | Ecotrust joined the OSU Food Innovation Center and Seafood Analytics to test consumer preference and quality of fresh v. frozen fish.

Centering frontline communities

ECOTRUST UPDATE | This year, we endorsed the People’s Climate Movement to support the power shift from dominant-culture to frontline community leadership.

A photo of a middle-aged person gazing at the camera. He is wearing a sage green baseball cap, glasses, and a blue plaid button-up shirt.

Remembering Ray Hollander

IN MEMORIAM | Ray’s legacy at Ecotrust found its roots in the deep caring that he felt for his coworkers.

An older white man speaks at a podium to a small crowd of seated adults

Don’t call it climate change

PARTNER VOICES | On Thursday, April 20, we welcomed best-selling author, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and climate advocate Paul Hawken to present Drawdown

A field of Brussel sprouts, with a person out of focus in the background. They are wearing a teal beanie, a brown hoodie, and gray pants and holding a stem of sprouts.

Forests and farms thriving together

ECOTRUST UPDATE | An all-lands management approach and deep commitment to collaboration guide business in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula

A person stands at a wooden podium reading a poem into a microphone

Following cultural lifeways

PARTNER VOICES | Oregon Poet Laureate and former Ecotruster, Liz Woody, shared this poem at our 25th anniversary celebration – Roots at the Redd

Photo of a person smiling at the camera. He wears a sage green cap and glasses and has a short salt-and-pepper beard.

Honoring Dave Hatch

IN MEMORIAM | Remembering Dave Hatch, a longtime friend, partner, and advocate for Native communities

Two people walking down a dirt path in front of a farm house. One person is carrying a large five-gallon plastic bucket.

What’s new in Food and Farms

ECOTRUST UPDATE | FoodCorps moves into the Redd, we tell everyone that Farm to School Counts, and Stanford Social Innovation Review talks about our work

Portrait of a person wearing a red shawl and beaded necklace over a black tunic

Elizabeth Woody, Oregon’s Voice

PARTNER VOICES | Elizabeth Woody, formerly of Ecotrust, will focus her tenure as Oregon’s first Native American Poet Laureate on rural communities

Two students converse in a school garden

A school district unites around food

PROGRAM UPDATE | Welcome to the Salem-Keizer School District in Oregon, where 40,000 students are eating more healthy, local food and learning in school gardens