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Better than best: Betsy’s Bar None

PARTNER VOICES | Redd tenant Betsy Langton shares her experiences as a first-time businesswoman and the inspiration that launched her product.

Close-up on hands holding freshly pulled turnips covered in dirt

An organic reformation?

STAFF VOICES | Our head of Food and Farms reports on what she learned this year at EcoFarm, the Ecological Farming Association conference that has flowered annually in California since 1981.

aerial view of a forested town with waterways, green, lush

Change starts here

ECOTRUST UPDATE | In a time of social unrest, environmental upheaval, and economic uncertainty, our mission matters more now than ever.

Older white woman with white hair shears a black and white goat with long shaggy hair.

New connections in our fibershed

STAFF VOICES | There is a growing interest in a regionally-based, responsible fiber economy. And the challenges of scale mirror those in food.

A crowd of people mill around a warehouse decorated with party lights

An illuminating affair

PHOTO ESSAY | Light Up the Redd will go down as a highlight in our journey toward a healthy and equitable food future.

Four frozen salmon carcasses on ice

Taking a fresh look at frozen fish

ECOTRUST UPDATE | Ecotrust joined the OSU Food Innovation Center and Seafood Analytics to test consumer preference and quality of fresh v. frozen fish.

Centering frontline communities

ECOTRUST UPDATE | This year, we endorsed the People’s Climate Movement to support the power shift from dominant-culture to frontline community leadership.

A photo of a middle-aged person gazing at the camera. He is wearing a sage green baseball cap, glasses, and a blue plaid button-up shirt.

Remembering Ray Hollander

IN MEMORIAM | Ray’s legacy at Ecotrust found its roots in the deep caring that he felt for his coworkers.

An older white man speaks at a podium to a small crowd of seated adults

Don’t call it climate change

PARTNER VOICES | On Thursday, April 20, we welcomed best-selling author, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and climate advocate Paul Hawken to present Drawdown

A field of Brussel sprouts, with a person out of focus in the background. They are wearing a teal beanie, a brown hoodie, and gray pants and holding a stem of sprouts.

Forests and farms thriving together

ECOTRUST UPDATE | An all-lands management approach and deep commitment to collaboration guide business in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula

A person stands at a wooden podium reading a poem into a microphone

Following cultural lifeways

PARTNER VOICES | Oregon Poet Laureate and former Ecotruster, Liz Woody, shared this poem at our 25th anniversary celebration – Roots at the Redd

Photo of a person smiling at the camera. He wears a sage green cap and glasses and has a short salt-and-pepper beard.

Honoring Dave Hatch

IN MEMORIAM | Remembering Dave Hatch, a longtime friend, partner, and advocate for Native communities

Two people walking down a dirt path in front of a farm house. One person is carrying a large five-gallon plastic bucket.

What’s new in Food and Farms

ECOTRUST UPDATE | FoodCorps moves into the Redd, we tell everyone that Farm to School Counts, and Stanford Social Innovation Review talks about our work

Portrait of a person wearing a red shawl and beaded necklace over a black tunic

Elizabeth Woody, Oregon’s Voice

PARTNER VOICES | Elizabeth Woody, formerly of Ecotrust, will focus her tenure as Oregon’s first Native American Poet Laureate on rural communities

Two students converse in a school garden

A school district unites around food

PROGRAM UPDATE | Welcome to the Salem-Keizer School District in Oregon, where 40,000 students are eating more healthy, local food and learning in school gardens