8 gifts from the Redd on Salmon Street

Christopher Rachal

Christopher Rachal

Community & Funding Partnerships Manager

The entryway to Redd East during Redd Reveal! in 2019. Photo credit: Shawn Linehan.

Let the Redd community help you with your holiday shopping this year.

Fall and winter holidays are my favorite. The magic begins when the leaves transform and eventually leave the trees bare. When nature is empty from all its giving and the bears begin to hibernate, some ancient wisdom taught us that it is now also our time to give.

This year as you search for gifts to express your gratitude, we hope you’ll consider some of the amazing food businesses who are subtenants at the Redd on Salmon Street. We’re proud to say that the generosity of our Ecotrust community members made the Redd, a working hub for regional food producers, possible.

Here are eight gifts you can purchase this year from food businesses that are part of the Redd’s mission to advance a more equitable, restorative, and delicious food system.


Candied Pecans from Albina City Nuts

Rich and buttery pecans, lightly roasted with honey and finished with a kiss of sea salt. Unquestionably delicious, these candied pecans from Albina City Nuts are a treat for those looking for sophisticated pleasures.



Cinnamon Apple Chips from Sisters Fruit Company

USDA Grade A Pacific Northwest Apples, freshly sliced and dried with Sisters Fruit Company’s exclusive, all-natural process. A dusting of cinnamon and pure cane sugar create the lightest, tastiest apple snack ever.


Elderberry Restore Fire Brew from Fire Brew

This nourishing tonic of elderberry fruits and astragalus root is combined with apple cider vinegar and Fire Brew’s plant-powered base. These strengthening ingredients will help protect and defend your loved ones against common ailments this season.



Cinnamon Vanilla Infused Almonds from Recipe33

Recipe 33’s cinnamon vanilla almonds are one-of-a-kind; no sticky, glazed nuts here! Each almond is infused with just a hint of cinnamon and a sweet note of vanilla.


Maple Chocolate Bar from Ranger Chocolate Company

Maple and chocolate pair so well together, and this bar is the ultimate marriage of the two. Ranger Chocolates combine high quality, pure maple sugar with premium organic cacao from the Salitral region of Peru—great on its own or paired with dark spirits.



Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Almond, Cashew + Coconut Butter from Ground Up

Ground Up’s most popular flavor, an almond and cashew nut butter is an ode to your grandma’s favorite cinnamon cookie—but much healthier! With layers of cinnamon, coconut and vanilla, this spread can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.


Tea Sampler from Young Mountain Tea

This tea sampler from Young Mountain Tea tours the vast world of Indian and Nepali specialty teas! From Darjeeling in the towering Himalayas to Assam on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, this sampler covers South Asia’s iconic tea origins.



The Redd on Salmon Street Gift Box

Love everything in this list? Send all of the goodies above in one convenient gift box to your friends and family via Collective Reparations. Collective Reparations is an e-commerce platform designed to support community-based reparations efforts providing compassionate acknowledgment, generous redress, and sacred closure to ancestors of stolen land and bodies.

If you enjoy products sourced from the Redd on Salmon Street, then we hope you’ll consider making a donation to Ecotrust today. Plus, if you sign up for an Atmos credit card, your purchases will support Ecotrust every month.




Send a selection of unique treats from the Redd community to your loved ones.

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Consider making a donation to Ecotrust today

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