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Announcing our interim co-executive directorship

We're excited to announce Kevin Bumatay and Olivia Rebanal as our Interim Co-Executive Directors!

Over the last few months, Kevin Bumatay and Olivia Rebanal have been stepping into the roles of Interim Co-Executive Directors at Ecotrust. Kevin joined Ecotrust in May 2019 as Chief Financial Officer, and Olivia began as our Chief Impact Officer in February 2021. Kevin and Olivia will continue their respective roles, while sharing responsibilities as Interim Co-Executive Directors.

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“Moving into a shared leadership structure can be a huge shift for any organization. I am pleased to be able to step into this role to allow our staff and board the space and time to be very intentional in how that shared leadership structure is designed and implemented,” says Kevin. “My partnership with Olivia is built on trust, mutual respect, and levity. Ecotrust continues to activate its five-year strategic plan, including becoming an anti-racist organization, and sharing the executive directorship role with Olivia during this interim period keeps us moving in the right direction.”

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“A top priority for me is to embrace this opportunity to advance our strategic goal of shared leadership by beginning to implement a shared model now, in the interim, in advance of a more permanent shared model,” Olivia adds. “This is also an opportunity for us to embody our strategic goals of transparency, communication, shared awareness, and collective vision.”

Top photo of a northern California coastline by Ian M. Jones. Portraits of Kevin Bumatay and Olivia Rebanal by Kim Nguyen