Background image of aerial view of a forested town with waterways, green, lush


Change starts here

“What we do in the next 50 years will determine the next 10,000 years and beyond for humanity.” —Johan Rockstrom

We are living in a time that demands urgent action on a scale that ranges from personal to planetary, and that spans the three interrelated imperatives of Ecotrust’s mission: to inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental well-being.

Fortunately, our home, Salmon Nation, is a place where we can still go on offense. Here, we have the values, the natural and financial capital, the creativity, and the political leadership to act on climate, build a more regenerative economy, and to pursue more equitable and just outcomes for people who have been marginalized. There is a groundswell of positive energy here in our home region that can be moved to action and inspire the world.

The common thread across the current political and cultural divisions is that the status quo can’t endure, and we need new approaches. As Thomas Friedman writes in Hot, Flat, and Crowded: “In a world that is getting hot, flat, and crowded, the task of creating the tools, systems, energy sources, and ethics that will allow the planet to grow in cleaner, more sustainable ways is going to be the biggest challenge of our lifetime.” Our work, at its core, is about innovation and inspiration, based on the positive, tangible work of demonstrating what is possible.

Join us.