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In fall 2020, Ecotrust set out to create a five-year plan for greater economic, social, and environmental impact.

Explore our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan here.

The planning process involved more than 100 dedicated people—including current and former staff, board members, and our partners—under the leadership of our Strategic Plan Working Group. Below is a reflection from the group.

In humble collaboration, with the intention of creating a “North Star” for the organization, the Ecotrust team embarked on a strategic planning process. The process was led by the strategic planning working group, which was racially diverse, represented a mix of positional power and organizational roles, and balanced visionaries and tacticians. Throughout the multi-phase process, working groups leveraged the strengths of our board and staff members from all levels of the organization in active collaboration. This process, which was new to us, was simultaneously rewarding and challenging. As we considered potential changes to the organization and the way we do our work, at times we found ourselves moving effortlessly through decisions in a beautiful flow. At other times, decisions would be deferred by profound, and sometimes painful, conversations based on the hopes and fears of those contributing in the moment. There was a lot to work through. Working side by side with such a diverse mixture of people led to incredible learning opportunities for everyone involved.

A heartfelt thank you goes to more than a hundred dedicated people who contributed to this plan. We are grateful to our partners, who willingly shared meaningful ways for us to grow and live more fully into our mission. We recognize and thank our colleagues across our whole organization for the vulnerability they brought to this process. In the end, almost every staff member contributed, while some of us had never read a strategic plan, let alone joined a process for creating one.

We recognize and appreciate our board members for bringing support and expertise to this work. And we are grateful to our skillful consultants Daesha Ramachandran and Nancy Davis, who guided us through an empowering process which helped us to grow through relationship, exploration, cooperation and participatory consensus building. It has been an honor to be part of the change we are creating at Ecotrust in a deep way.

—The Strategic Planning Working Group

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In the video above, hear Ecotrust staff discuss the six interlocking goals of our Strategic Plan.