A toast to Jeremy Barnicle

Emilie Chen

Emilie Chen

Communications Coordinator

Jeremy Barnicle holds up an art piece made by Senior Graphic Designer Heldáy de la Cruz. Photo credit: Kim Nguyen

On June 2, a group of Ecotrust staff and board members came together for one of Ecotrust’s first in-person gatherings in more than two years. As team members reconnected, we also celebrated a team member who is departing: our Executive Director Jeremy Barnicle, transitioning out of his role on June 16.

Below are pictures from this staff and board event.

On June 2, Ecotrust staff and board were invited—with a handful of folks participating virtually via conference call—for a happy hour event at the Redd on Salmon Street. The occasion was momentous, being not only Ecotrust’s first in-person staff and board gathering in over two years, but also for the opportunity to celebrate Jeremy Barnicle, who is departing our organization after six years as Executive Director.


From left, Ecotrust team members Vickie Owens, Brittanie Grayson, and Jasmine Cunningham. Photo credit: Kim Nguyen


As an organization dedicated to intentional gatherings, we know the importance of gathering around food. Staff members from left to right: Keia Booker, Heldáy de la Cruz, Olivia Rebanal, Stephanie Gutierrez. Catering provided by Art of Catering. Photo credit: Kim Nguyen

A highlight of the gathering was the reading of limericks in Jeremy’s honor. Jeremy has a real penchant for limericks—from the corny to the profound—and he’s composed and shared them at gatherings throughout his Ecotrust years. Naturally, Jeremy could not depart the organization without sharing a few more.

In turn, staff and board members also shared limericks—ranging from humorous to sentimental—that we had written to celebrate Jeremy.

When others might run for the door or a drink,
Jeremy “Jedi”ed with hardly a blink.
COVID forced shut downs,
Strife closed downtown,
But Jeremy steered us away from the brink.

—Jean Johnson, Ecotrust board member


From left, Jeremy Barnicle, Nathan Kadish, Olivia M. Rebanal, Tyson Rasor, Jean Johnson. Photo caption: Kim Nguyen 

A photo of a handful of people gathered around outdoor cocktail tables. They are laughing in response to the person in the middle of the photo, who is laughing after saying something funny.

Senior Communications Director Doe Hatfield shares her own limerick. Photo credit: Kim Nguyen

A photo of a couple dozen people gathered outdoors around cocktail tables.

Who knew the poetic talent in our team was so strong? Angela Hedstrom, Community Food Systems Program Manager, also had a limerick up her sleeve. Photo credit: Kim Nguyen

Before the evening came to a close, our incoming Co-Interim Executive Directors, CIO Olivia Rebanal and CFO Kevin Bumatay, dedicated another limerick to Jeremy and presented him with an original art piece made by our Senior Graphic Designer Heldáy de la Cruz. The hand-drawn piece is a celebration of Jeremy’s time at Ecotrust. As Heldáy explained, the three hands represent each of the three E’s—Equity, Economy, and the Environment. The three motifs are inspired by Ecotrust’s recent annual reports, and the color blue comes from Ecotrust’s brand refresh, which occurred during Jeremy’s Executive Directorship.

A photo of a person holding and looking at a framed artwork

Jeremy holds an art piece created by Senior Graphic Designer Heldáy de la Cruz. The motifs and usage of blue are inspired by Ecotrust’s recent annual report designs and brand refresh. Photo credit: Kim Nguyen

A multi-media art piece showing three hands drawn in black-and-white graphite. Three small blue motifs are suspended above each upward facing palm.

Untitled (2022). Heldáy de la Cruz

We at Ecotrust celebrate Jeremy’s gifts to our mission and our organization. He will truly be missed. To learn more about Jeremy’s decision behind his departure, read his letter to the Ecotrust community, and to learn more about what is next for the organization, check out Jeremy’s thoughtful farewell. As Jeremy would often say in closing, onwards!




A note from our departing Executive Director, Jeremy Barnicle, on his transition and what’s next.

A photo of the peak of Seekseekqua (Mount Jefferson) reflected in Duffy Lake


A departing message from Jeremy Barnicle, Executive Director

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