We are an ambitious bunch. Scientists and storytellers, inventors and analysts, technologists, tinkerers, bushwhackers, and big thinkers. We make maps and software apps, manage forests and investment funds, connect local farmers and fishermen with local eaters. And we convene communities around ideas that matter. Learn more about our team here, and find opportunities to work with us.

Brody Abbott

Built Environment Analyst and Planner

About Brody

Northeast Portland raised, Urban Planner by trade. Advocate for prison reform, education, and the mobilization of Social Justice. Likes: sports, food, music, and traveling.

Lily Abood

Vice President, Development

About Lily

Global and local adventurer. Strategic calendar and dinner-party planner. New mother on the steepest learning curve of life. Rookie fly caster, determined river wader. Flower child with an edge.

Jeremy Barnicle

Executive Director

About Jeremy

Strategist and storyteller. Policy and philanthropy wonk. Twin father transitioning from frequent flier to bike commuter. Occasionally ditches work for outdoor fun.

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Sam Beebe

Adventure Capital, Communications

About Sam

My work is to tell the story of Ecotrust. I also bat for PDX Contemporary Art, Orlo, SkateOregon, and Salmon Nation. @sbeebe on many channels.

Tess Blessman

Event and Sales Manager

About Tess

Inspired by new surroundings. Big fan of good food, family, red wine, and shaggy dogs. Can be found in the kitchen, in the trees, or on the pitch.

Jon Bonkoski

GIS Director

About Jon

Map maker working to better understand the intersection of economy, environment, and equity. Committed bike commuter. Husband and father. Sports fan. I like good food, too.

Allison Brinkhorst

Development Associate

About Allison

Small-town Midwesterner with farmer roots. Forever changed by the fresh air, water, and perspective of living simply in the cloud forest. Committed to working toward social justice. Dog-lover currently settling for a 16-pound cat that plays fetch.

Sarah Cline

Design Director

About Sarah

New mom. Lover of screen printing, transparency, repetition, gift economies, rabbits, fluorescent ink, cooperative ownership, collective management, foraging, sharing meals, in-between spaces, print publications, and the right to useful unemployment (thank you Ivan Illich). Valley girl.

Stephanie Cowherd

Indigenous Fellow

About Stephanie

A storyteller at heart. A listener, interpreter, community facilitator and advocate. Happiest when greeting the sunrise in the backcountry or learning about nature. Ramen enthusiast. Proud parent of adopted fluffer pupper Lucy, lover of table scraps. Follow adventures on Instagram @luseatosky.

Heldáy de la Cruz

Junior Designer

About Heldáy

Illustrator and maker of things. Farm boy. Loves gift-giving, constellations, symmetry, sewing clothes, home-cooked meals, translating French poetry, Michel Gondry, hot tea, PNW weather, attempting difficult hikes, running and cycling, and making comic strips of things friends do. Often found at local music shows.

David Diaz

Director of Forestry Analytics and Technology

About David

Data nerd and ecosystem science translator. Sustainable forestry fortuneteller. Addicted to trail running, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and home-brewing beer.

John Domingo


About John

Hapa Haole with SF Bay Area roots. Passionate change-maker disguised as a mild-mannered accountant. Ardent advocate of quadruple-bottom-line business practices. Avid cook, forager, and outdoor adventurer. Ex-collegiate footballer. Most importantly, the doting dad of two incredible daughters. Sustained by: laughter, proximity to water, ahi poke, and yerba mate tea.

Sarah Flaata

Development Coordinator

About Sarah

Wisconsin native, former Anchorageite and recent Virginian. Two-term AmeriCorps Alum and community volunteer. Has a strange love for grants, surveys and data. New homeowner, wife and fur mama of two cats and a giant dog. Happiest cooking from scratch, in a kayak, on a trail, or snorkeling off an island.

Eric Foley

NMTC Compliance Manager

About Eric

Recently relocated from Oakland, CA. Came to the Pacific Northwest in search of new adventures; irresistibly drawn by the Portland lifestyle. Lover of local food, craft beverages, outdoor activities, and bicycles.

Megan Foucht

Communications and Marketing Manager

About Megan

Writer and connector. Surfer, poet, singer, and salsa dancer. Loves wine-filled potlucks, being an auntie, mixing the perfect pie crust, and laughing up a storm.

Kelly Harrell

Fisheries Program Director

About Kelly

Fish entrepreneur; coastal community advocate, lover of salt-infused ways of life. Driven by the responsibility and opportunity that wild fisheries present to us. East coaster by birth; Alaskan by choice. Mom to the cutest little miniature husky you ever laid eyes on. Seeker of the solitude of wilderness.

Beth Hatfield

Grants Strategy Guru

About Beth

Raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains, now at home with family in the Cascades. Keen listener, enthusiastic planner, ice cream lover, and passionate advocate. Enjoys nothing more than loading up a pack and setting out into the wilderness.

Angela Hedstrom

Farm to School Coordinator

About Angela

Teacher-learner connecting classrooms, cafeterias, and communities. Enjoys alliteration, writing letters, the color of chicory flowers, and picnics.

Ryan Hodges

Senior Software Developer

About Ryan

Little-known creature with unverified sightings in the Pacific Northwest and India. Likes to help people and places with code, music, and cheer.

Lisa J. Watt

Director of Indigenous Affairs

About Lisa

Museum geek supreme, art, dog, candy, dessert lover (all in equal measure), Portland Timbers season ticket holder and massive fan of the 5 am Saturday/Sunday Premier League matches on NBCSN. First office job in 18 years. Need new clothes.

Nathan Kadish

Director of Investment Strategy

About Nathan

Adventure Capitalist. Hugs trees and dances with rivers. Loves his son’s laugh, Oregon berries, and warm slippers after taking off boots.

Jeanne Kubal

Director of Events and Corporate Partnerships

About Jeanne

Event wrangler. Planner of experiences that engage communities to learn, eat, listen, drink, and be merry. Inspired by growing green plants, hiking the Cascades in every season, and exploring new corners of the Pacific Northwest.

Sara Loreno

Natural Resources Data Scientist

About Sara

Problem solver, modeler, map-maker, data explorer. Addicted to learning. Serious about adventures. Naturally ridiculous.

Dylan McDermott

Facilities Manager

About Dylan

Professional stuff-fixer and thing-maker. Aspiring spreadsheet wizard. Burrito enthusiast. Bike nerd. Proud cat dad. 

Mike Mertens

Vice President, Knowledge Systems

About Mike

Father, runner, bike commuter, committed to helping others use maps, data, science, and tools to make our world a better place.

Vickie Owens

Office Manager

About Vickie

Free thinking child at heart. Heals through food choices. Breathes deeply in nature. Musical Being. Likes harmony. Loves learning.

Katy Pelissier

Food and Farms Program Manager

About Katy

Matchmaking children and vegetables since 2010. Oregonian through-and-through; the people, land, and food here can’t be beat. Happiest in a tent, on a bike, or at the coast.

Amber Peoples

Events Coordinator

About Amber

Organizer of creative energy. Betwixt art and nature. Wrangler of timelines, imaginations, and hiking trails. Take me home, country roads…with a deep bass groove.

David Pollard

Software Experience Developer

About David

Professional developer of the web and software. Amateur bryologist, geologist, paleontologist, arborist, cosmologist, numismatist, philatelist, ornithologist, bibliophile, and scutelliphile.

Kevin Pozzi

Communications Intern

About Kevin

Midwest-grown, Sustainability Education grad student, budding cook, aspiring gardener, and neighborhood flaneur.

Alice Price

Financial Analyst

About Alice

Nurturer of numbers. Lover of nature, hiking, snowflakes, and traveling.

Tyson Rasor

Food and Fish Program Manager

About Tyson

Food enthusiast. Fish is food. Work hard, eat good. Eat good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Re-creator of self through experiential learning.

Jen Richards

Staff Accountant & HR Administrator

About Jen

Quiet observer. Strong advocate. Obsessed with airplanes. Dreams of living in a tiny house, in the forest, by a river with a rescued foxhound.

Katie Russell

Donor Relations Manager

About Katie

Fundraiser. Book lover. Favorite meal is a hotdog at the ballpark. Believes in the healing power of a good road trip.

Brie Schettle

Event Coordinator

About Brie

Creative thinker, explorer, social butterfly. Artist by day, Event Planner by night.

Nathan Schwartz

Night Porter and Event Coordinator

About Nathan

Detail-orientated night owl operating mostly behind-the-scenes in a supportive role for the events team. Loves yoga, basketball, video games, and drinking only the finest of chocolate milks.

Emma Sharer

Redd Operations Manager

About Emma

Cultural anthropologist with an insatiable curiosity. Spanish-speaking black belt dedicated to building regional food supply chains that restore and inspire our environment and communities. Exuberant outdoors adventurer in pursuit of fresh trails to run, new mountains to ski and rivers to fish.

Vishal Sharma

Financial Analyst

About Vishal

Born and raised in Bhutan, living in the Northwest since 2007. Every day is an adventure for me. There’s not a day where I haven’t learned something about people, culture, or new activities. Love traveling, seeking adventure, and having a chilled microbrew on a hot summer days near the Washougal river cliff jump.

Stacey Sobell

Food and Farms Director

About Stacey

Local food fanatic, public health geek, school food advocate. Builder of networks and connector of people. Committed bike commuter and avid yogini. Canadian acro ninja!

Aaron Vargas

Food and Farms Coordinator

About Aaron

Supporter and connector of people. Immigration rights advocate. Mexican heritage, California raised, Pacific Northwest rooted. Best self when in or on salt water. 

Lauren Ward

Event and Outreach Associate

About Lauren

Creative and idealistic planner of things. Easy-going perfectionist. Breakfast connoisseur. Dreamscape: Norwegian fjords, acoustic tunes, Oregon IPA.

Katherine Wiley

Executive Administrator & Board Liaison

About Katherine

Herding cats for dog people….Can be bribed with chocolate.

Kevin Williams

Maintenance Supervisor, Redd on Salmon Street

About Kevin

Your machinery is too much for me.
You made me want to be a saint.” –Allen Ginsberg