We are an ambitious bunch. Scientists and storytellers, inventors and analysts, technologists, collaborators, pathfinders, and big thinkers. We make maps and software apps, manage forests and investment funds, connect local farmers and fishermen with local eaters. And we convene communities around ideas that matter. Learn more about our team here and find opportunities to work with us.

*Asterisks indicate a member of Ecotrust's Leadership Team.

Lily Abood

Vice President, Development & Engagement*

About Lily

Global and local adventurer. Strategic calendar and dinner-party planner. New mother on the steepest learning curve of life. Rookie fly caster, determined river wader. Flower child with an edge.

Tess Blessman

Director of Events

About Tess

Relationship builder extraordinaire with a profound need for connection. Professional home cook. Amateur angler in training who strives to refresh Spanish speaking and long boarding skills each year. Will plan the party for an invite.

Jon Bonkoski

Knowledge Systems Program Director

About Jon

Map maker working to better understand the intersection of economy, environment, and equity. Committed bike commuter. Husband and father. Sports fan. I like good food, too.

Keia Booker

People and Culture Operations Manager

About Keia

Animal mother, revolutionary mindset, lover of being, film enthusiast, find me where there is nostalgia and love

Allison Brinkhorst

Development Operations Manager

About Allison

Small-town Midwesterner with farmer roots. Advocate and facilitator of social justice. Strategic systems-thinker. Bike commuter aspiring to grow food and live simply with my wife, cat, and dog.

Sabrina Cerquera

Food Equity Coordinator

About Sabrina

A dot collector and connector. First generation Colombian American by way of Miami, Fla. Tippy toeing at concerts and DJing out some salsa for the soul. Living with her cat, Salem (named after the Teenage Witch’s), in the Pacific Northwest. Can be found talking with her hands and reacting loudly with her eyebrows over the dinner table.

Denise Chin

Measurement and Evaluation Manager

About Denise

Big picture thinker, making sense of the forest for the trees. Immigrant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, charmed by the Pacific Northwest. Often captivated by a good book, Douglas fir trees, and Asian supermarkets. Constantly making food to conjure memories of home.

Sarah Cline

Design Director

About Sarah

Mother, daughter, friend. Lover of screen printing, transparency, repetition, gift economies, rabbits, fluorescent ink, cooperative ownership, collectives, de-centering whiteness, foraging, sharing meals, in-between spaces, print publications, dementia rights, liberation, and healing. Valley girl. Power with not power over. Becoming.

Marissa “Mars” Correa

Administrative Associate

About Marissa "Mars"

Daughter of Maria and Uriel Correa. A curious extrovert, spontaneous adventurer, and a believer in good (food, people, stories).

Jasmine Cunningham

Executive Administrator & Board Liaison

About Jasmine

Earth Day baby with an eye for details. Fueled by soul music, tea, wandering through museums, and spending time near water or trees—ideally both. Will participate if I get to be behind the scenes. Probably laughing loudly right now.

Brittany Dawn

Event Operations Associate

About Brittany

Making a mission every day to appreciate the little things in life, like Costco samples. Has big dreams of someday trying every cheese from Trader Joe’s. Probably has more cats and plants than you. Can out-drink you any day… regardless of the tea.

Heldáy de la Cruz

Senior Designer*

About Heldáy

Illustrator and maker of things. Farm boy. Loves gift-giving, constellations, symmetry, sewing clothes, home-cooked meals, translating French poetry, Michel Gondry, hot tea, PNW weather, attempting difficult hikes, running and cycling, and making comic strips of things friends do. Often found at local music shows.

David Diaz

Director of Forestry Analytics and Technology

About David

Data nerd and ecosystem science translator. Sustainable forestry fortuneteller. Addicted to trail running, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and home-brewing beer.

Heather Doyle

Events Administration and Special Projects Associate

About Heather

Part-time events coordinator, full-time sustainable food systems activist. A lover of grilled fruit, campfire aromas and rooftops with a view. Enjoys being lured into exercising with the promise of outdoor adventures.

Stephanie Gutierrez

Forests and Community Program Director

About Stephanie

A storyteller at heart. A listener, interpreter, community facilitator and advocate. Happiest when greeting the sunrise in the backcountry or learning about nature. Ramen enthusiast. Proud parent of adopted fluffer pupper Lucy, lover of table scraps. Follow adventures on Instagram @luseatosky.

Raphael Guzman

Program Manager of Food Systems Equity

About Raphael

In my role at Ecotrust, I serve as a community connector and educator. It has been a gift to be able to explore my passions for regenerative agriculture, community development, and social justice for over 20 years. Growing up in California as a first-generation Black Latina provided a foundation of unconvention and innovation that catalyzes and informs my work in the world. In my quiet moments, I find joy in creating mix-media art, cultivating beautiful spaces, and long dinners in good company.

Akshay Hariprasad

Operations Associate

About Akshay

Movement omnivore, creature whisperer, land listener, seed scatterer, gender bender, belly filler, spirit of play, being tender. Still in diaspora. Using body magic to shape change for future generations.

Doe Hatfield

Senior Communications Director*

About Doe

Loves how much words matter. Eats all the vegetables. Amateur poet. Mother. Green Mountains born and raised. Shouts “Whoop!” when powder skiing.

Angela Hedstrom

Community Food Systems Program Manager

About Angela

Teacher-learner connecting classrooms, cafeterias, and communities. Enjoys alliteration, writing letters, the color of chicory flowers, and picnics.

Ryan Hodges

Senior Software Developer

About Ryan

Little-known creature with unverified sightings in the Pacific Northwest and India. Likes to help people and places with code, music, and cheer.

Alisha Howard

Farm to School Fellow

About Alisha

My role as the Farm to School Fellow works to enrich the connection communities have with fresh, culturally relevant foods and local food producers by supporting gardening, agricultural education, and local food purchasing at schools and early care and education sites. I was a part of the inaugural cohort of the Viviane Barnett Fellowship for Food Systems Leaders. Outside of Ecotrust, I am the owner and operator of a vermicomposting practice called Deep Rootz Worms, LLC. I love being BLACK, the color blue, cheese, moss, cumulus clouds, worms, bourbon, baking, terrible indie movies, writing poetry, and spending time with my beloved community here in Portland and beyond.

Jennifer-Jane Jeffries

Venue Coordinator

About Jennifer-Jane

Always learning and unlearning. Happiest when in presence with community and the natural world – with a sparkling beverage in hand.

Nathan Kadish

Managing Director of Ecotrust Investments*

About Nathan

Adventure Capitalist. Hugs trees and dances with rivers. Loves his sons’ laughs, Oregon berries, and warm slippers after taking off boots.

Jamese Kwele

Vice President of Organizational and Food Systems Equity*

About Jamese

Conjurer of Black girl magic. Emergent strategy enthusiast. My ancestors’ wildest dreams. Soul rebel. Mama of two. Shaping change while being shaped by change. Afrofuturist reclaiming the right to radical imagination. Fueled by authentic connection, subversive humor and deep joy.

Maia Larson

Director of Community Food Systems & Capital

About Maia

Pollinator of people and ideas. Serial optimist—usually laughing. Forever amazed and in love with soil. Happiest on a lake (especially the Great ones), or on a bike.

Bill Maddrell

Senior Facilities Coordinator

About Bill

Peace Corps volunteer, thru hiker, gravel biker, caretaker of an historic Steiner log cabin, and father of a sassy kiddo.

Miakah Nix

Community Resource Strategist

About Miakah

Proud Haida-Tsimshian woman. Doesn’t believe in “wilderness”; believes in Indigenous homelands. Comes alive for traditional foods, wild mushrooms, and gardening. Dog-less dog lover. Bather in cold mountain streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Athlete and Auntie: athletic Auntie? Follow Instagram adventures @miakahnix.

Vickie Owens

Senior Office and Technology Manager*

About Vickie

Free thinking child at heart. Heals through food choices. Breathes deeply in nature. Musical Being. Likes harmony. Loves learning.

Sara Pietka

Director of Community Investments

About Sara

Believer in shifting capital to shift power. Podcast fanatic, sommelier wannabe, rain-lover. Amateur party-planner and kayaker. Third-generation Oregonian currently re-discovering the Pacific Northwest through my children’s eyes.

Chloe Pinz

Grants Coordinator

About Chloe

Can be found exploring farmers markets, playing with my dog, experimenting in the kitchen, or reading a good book. Passionate about sustainable food systems and food sovereignty. Continually learning and exploring.

David Pollard

Senior Software Developer

About David

Professional developer of the web and software. Amateur bryologist, geologist, paleontologist, arborist, cosmologist, numismatist, philatelist, ornithologist, bibliophile, and scutelliphile.

Christopher Rachal

Community & Funding Partnerships Manager

About Christopher

Gumbo eater, systems thinker, first thought seeker. Believes reparations is the new normal. Moves through life with intuitive precision and rhythm. Just another note finding the beat.

Tyson Rasor

Fisheries & Food Systems Program Manager

About Tyson

Food enthusiast. Fish is food. Work hard, eat good. Eat good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Re-creator of self through experiential learning.

Olivia M. Rebanal

Interim Co-Executive Director and Chief Impact Officer*

About Olivia M.

Racial justice advocate with deep roots in social finance. Adventurist and extremist on foot or two-wheels. Breeder of four offspring. Partner to a professor of health equity. Mountain lover, yet beach tolerant. Oregon Pinot Noir aficionado. Filipina.

Kaitlyn Rich

Director of Community Asset Development (CAD)

About Kaitlyn

Seeker of hot springs and saunas. Plant nerd, mushroom forager, climber of rocks, and maker of clothes. Dog mom to one energetic blue heeler pup, Tepals. Wakes up for coffee, systems change, radical self compassion, and social justice.

Yolimar Rivera Vázquez

Food Equity Manager

About Yolimar

Passionate about food and working for a sustainable future. Habitual list maker, proud Puerto Rican and ocean lover. Happiest in or near water. Likes to travel to new places, meet new people and cultures, work in the garden, and advocate for equity and social justice.

Neal Sacon

Temporary Chief Financial Officer

About Neal

My Chief Financial Officer role at Ecotrust encompasses a broad range of activities that have financial impacts on the organization. Some are relatively mundane, while others can influence long-term strategic outcomes. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to join the Ecotrust team. Both the role and the organization completely resonate with me professionally and personally as a law & finance professional with 40 years of socioeconomic development experience and as a long-time resident of a rural, timber-economy community with a professional wildland fire fighter son and social justice advocate daughter. This temporary assignment will allow me to manifest my core values daily for an organization that demonstrates solution pathways, both practical and profound, in everything it does.

Meuy Saetern


About Meuy

A mother. A cook and food enthusiast. Making a difference by sharing hope, kind words, and a simple smile. Live more and worry less.

Scott Shapiro-Neiwert

Financial Analyst

About Scott

Lover of books, rescue dog adopter, nerd extraordinaire. Aspiring vegetarian chef. Believes numbers can tell the most fascinating stories. At peace when surrounded by a cool mountain breeze through old growth trees.

Emma Sharer

Ecotrust Investments Director of Operations

About Emma

Cultural anthropologist with an insatiable curiosity. Spanish-speaking black belt dedicated to building regional food supply chains that restore and inspire our environment and communities. Exuberant outdoors adventurer in pursuit of fresh trails to run, new mountains to ski and rivers to fish.

Kamilah Smith

Maintenance Technician

About Kamilah

Stargazer, child of the forest and seas. Loves being outdoors in all types of weather, animals, and the feeling of the earth under bare feet. Marathon book reader, student of the universe. Fascinated with fixing and building things, creator.

Heather Sparks

Wedding Sales Associate

About Heather

Creative soul, dancing Goddess, and major Star Wars fan. Believes all things happen in relationship. Loves when well-planned events build community, bring forth spontaneous joy, deepen personal connections, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Rachel Stolfe

Venue Coordinator

About Rachel

Amateur cheese maker and cookie connoisseur. The youngest of three children born of Italian and Irish descent from the South Side of Chicago. I was brought into this existence for one divine purpose: to attend and plan parties. Cooking and sharing food is my love language, and I think there is no better way to celebrate family and community than with a good meal. Please show me every picture you’ve ever taken of your pet(s).

Sarah Taruc

Staff Accountant

About Sarah

Introvert, vegan, and consumer of experimental art. Advocate of equity and sustainability.

Azul Tellez Wright

Event Operations Associate

About Azul

Small farms enthusiast, collective giving advocate, vintage flea market vendor. Finds comfort in the whir of a sewing machine and in the pages of a brightly colored graphic novel.

Aaron Vargas

Program Director of Food Systems Equity

About Aaron

Intentional and adaptable capacity builder. Nourished by relationships. Driven by shifting power. Never a failure, always a lesson. Perpetually inspired by my bisabuela. Pacific NW rooted, raised in coastal Cali, Mexican heritage.

Carson Viles

Tribal Network Strategist

About Carson

Happiest outdoors or on a basketball court. Always feels rewarded by meeting new people, traveling, and sharing food. Nuu-wee-ya’ language advocate and proud Siletz tribal member who believes we can do anything if we just hold our tongues right.

Catherine Villarreal

Assistant Controller

About Catherine

Travel loving pluviophile. Scottish and Ottawa by blood, British by birth. Any day I learn something new is a good day.  If I don’t know how to do something, I want to learn how.

Ashley Weatherspoon

Program Partnerships Manager

About Ashley

I believe in the potential for people and nonprofits to bring forth the transformative changes and culture shifts we need to support those most impacted by systems of oppression. We have the power to do this not only externally with the communities we work with and local environments we aim to protect, but also internally as individuals, collaborating and collectively growing together in our efforts to bring forth those changes. I am originally from Los Angeles with roots in Arkansas. I have a certification in urban permaculture design and nonprofit fundraising and help organize around climate justice and mutual aid. I am passionate about co creating regenerative and symbiotic systems that are rooted in justice and equity.