close up of toddler, seated, eating a cherry tomato

Farm to ECE Institute

Farm to Early Care and Education (ECE) connects early childhood professionals to local food producers and community partners with the goals of serving culturally relevant, locally-produced foods to young children, providing hands-on experiences with food and gardening, and improving child nutrition.

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The Farm to School Institute is a year-long professional learning experience that brings site-based teams together to build relationships, skills, and a collaborative action plan to further their farm to school goals.

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A digital illustration showing plots of forestland surrounding a building that says "Forest Bank"

Forest Bank

We explore how community-centered management, operationalized by a unique financial model, can lead the way toward climate resilience.

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A multistory building of modern design

The Bullitt Center

Cities are an integral part of nature. The Bullitt Center demonstrates this principle by blurring the lines between buildings and nature, and giving back more of nature’s benefits than it consumes.

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