Background image of aerial view of a densely forested area with a small creek running through


Rebuilding home: A story map of Sek-Wet-Se Forest

This spring, a plan many years in the making came to fruition when Ecotrust Forest Management sold 3,200 acres of forestland to the Coquille Tribe.

The Sek-Wet-Se property is comprised of 3,200 acres in Curry County on the Southern Oregon Coast. It is a critical part of the Coquille Tribe’s ancestral homeland, which was centered in the Coquille watershed to the north but stretched north and south and encompassed 700,000 acres. Federal treaties creating a Coquille homeland were never ratified and most members of the tribe were forced to move to what is now the Siletz Reservation. In 2006, Ecotrust Forest Management acquired the property, then known as the Sixes.

The sale, completed in May, exemplifies EFM’s commitment to its investors to seek positive financial, social, and environmental outcomes. We believe this transaction will be the first of many, as we seek to transition critical forest lands to long-term owners who are committed to restoring the unique ecological and cultural values of Northwest forests.

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